Subject:     Re: Here's one for ya...
Sent:        3/18/96 7:12 PM
Received:    3/18/96 8:32 PM
From:        John D Long, longj@U.Arizona.EDU
To:          Derrick Bostrom,

Here's another guitar tab I hope you can use.  This time it's from MP2 - 
song's called "Climbing."  (It's one of my favorites.)
It just uses basic chords, as far as I can tell.  That's what I use 
anyway.  The chords in the verses seem to go G-C-D and then back to G, I 
think.  Listen to the rhythm.  The chorus sounds like a C, then an A 
minor, D minor, A minor, C, then G.  I just strum the guitar chords.

Here it is again, a little clearer:

Verse: G-C-D-G
Chorus: C-Am-Dm-Am-C-G

There's a solo, too...but once again a Kirkwood solo manages to elude 
me.  If anybody can provide a reasonable facsimile, I'd like to hear from 
you.  Also, could those rascals be tuned up a little on the album version 
of this song?  Half a step maybe?  Try normal tuning, and tuning the E 
string to F, or even barre chords placed a fret higher...I don't know.  
Whatever works.  I just use open chords though.  These ones:

G:  (320033)
C:  (x32010)
D:  (xx0232)
Am: (xx2210)
Dm: (xx0231)

Questions, comments, improvements, whatever:
Jack Long (Tucson/Flagstaff, AZ)