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Meat Puppets: This Day and That's How It Goes
as transcribed by Yale J. Kaul

These are two fairly simple songs off  "Forbidden Places."  "This Day"
starts off with (I believe it's called) a triplet consisting of the
following notes:

G--------------0--------------| 		repeated about 4x.

Then, the rest of the song is just chords:

      D		      A		          G	         D 	    A
On this day we were miles away, we saw a clock up in the sky.

     D		     A		          G	    D        A  
The hands lay on the show to pay, number fallen on its side.

On this day... (then the triplet thing)

etc., etc.

"That's How it Goes"

Here's the short intro chords:

B--------5-5-5----3 --------------------4------------------------------|
(>>>> means slide up to)

This song consists entirely of the chords A, B, C, and D.  However, there
are specific positions that sound best:

    For B:					For D:
e------2--------------------|			e------------0------------|
B-----2---------------------|			B-----------3-------------|
G-----4 --------------------|			G----------2--------------|
D-----4---------------------|			D----------0--------------|	
A-----2---------------------|			A-------------------------|
E---------------------------|			E-------------------------|

Also, in the verse part, when you're playing the A, alternate the open A and
E as bass notes, country-style.  Same thing for the B, alternate B and F# as
bass notes.  Here's the verse part:

Maybe you won't have to hit me again. Maybe you won't try to slap me for lying.

   B				             A
I did what you heard and I can admit that I'd do it again in a second
tomorrow (etc., etc.)

Here's the chorus part:

	D		 C                     D	   C				         D	        
And we say, "That's how it goes." and we stay  watching the mess that we've
made as it grows

...and so on. I haven't picked out the solo, but it starts around the same
position as the intro.