Subject:     Confusion Fog
Sent:        8/2/96 12:50 AM
Received:    8/2/96 1:18 AM

     Another classic Meat Puppets track, this one from the Mirage LP. Play 
     with reverb and a bit of chorus.
     Opening guitar riff, note by note;
     B3-5 slide, B3 B0 G0 and open G chord playing down B/E strings only
     B3-5 slide, B3 B0 G2 and open D chord, playing bottom two strings 
     B3-5 slide, B3 B0 B1 and open C chord
                       B2 and D chord, B3-5 slide and B0 G chord
     and repeat whole section.
     Vocal section as follows;-
     G         D     (E3 A0/2/3 D0-2 h/on to C chord, D0-2 h/on to D chord)
     I lost my mind,
     A couple of gals ago
     G         D               (As above)
     I left behind, 
     Never saw it go,
     C                    D
     Just a little bit of snow out on the leaves,
     C                    D
     Just Confusion drifting swirling to my knees,
     Then repeat section, next bit
     Ajazz      Dj        Aj                   Dj 
     Blue wind, Drift On, Blow through til the dust is gone,
     (where A jazz is open A chord with B string left open, D with E open)
     F (A bar @ 8) G (A bar @10)
     Gone....      on, on, on
     Aj        Dj
     Confusion Fog
     Then repeat verse, chorus, back to starting riff. Guitar solo is based 
     around the start riff, with a little change in the middle just using 
     C, D G major chords - if you can manage the opening bit you should be 
     able to work this out.
     And thats it - more tunes to come when I get the time. Does anybody 
     read these? Better still, can anybody make sense of them and actually 
     play the tracks? If so send me a mail at;-
     Peter Nixon, London, UK.