Subject:     Swimming Ground
Sent:        8/2/96 12:20 AM
Received:    8/2/96 12:49 AM

     Probably my favourite track of all time, and with definitely the 
     catchiest guitar riff ever, Swimming Ground off 'Up on the Sun' goes 
     something like this. Use reverb and a bit of chorus on the riff, to 
     get the true 'Kirkwood' sound.
     The intro/riff is all single note stuff, so here's the strings/frets 
     to hit for that;-
     1) A2, A2-4 hammer on, B2 A4 A4-6 slide up and down to A2 G4 A2
     2) A2, A2-4 hammer on, B2/B2 B3 A4 A2 A2-4 slide A2
     Repeat 1),
     3) A2, A2-4 hammer on, B2 B3 A4 A2, then up the scale G0/2/4 A2 and 
     start from 1) again.
     Repeat this whole section, but end on A0 into the C major chord to 
     start the vocal bit as follows;
     C                  F             C             G 
     The sun is hot and beating down, Hot enough to melt the ground,
     C                    F           G                     C 
     A little water would do us good, The clouds 'd help us if they could,
     F (A bar chord at 8)                 C (E bar at 8)  G (A@10)
     They'd send showers of pouring rain, Make everything wet again,
     C (E@8)         F (A@8)       G (A@10)         C
     We could go and float around, In our favourite Swimming Ground.
     A (Repeated with A bar at 12)
     Best place I ever found, wasn't close to any town,
     Was a little Swimming Ground, Everything just floated around.
     Then repeat guitar riff, into second verse.
     Middle bit goes F G A, F G C, F G A, F G and big C back to riff, all 
     chords are A bar chords at frets 8,10,12.
     The guitar riff takes a bit of practice to get the hang of, vocal bits 
     are fairly easy.
     Any comments/improvements, send mail to 
     Peter Nixon, London, UK.