Subject:     Here's one for ya...
Sent:        2/26/96 3:41 AM
Received:    2/26/96 8:17 AM
From:        John D Long, longj@u.Arizona.EDU
To:          Derrick Bostrom,

Hopefully you can use this one...My friend Matt Gottschling and I figured 
out "Big House."  We do a pretty creative rendition of this - it's 
somewhat recognizable anyway!  By the way, I appreciate the lyrics you 
sent (that was me about 2 weeks ago who asked for 'em).  Might I impose 
upon your generosity just once more, this time for the lyrics to "Big 
House?"  Thanks!
Anyway, here's what we got.

Start with a D chord, then go to a G chord, and then an A chord.  Not 
barre chords or power chords - just "open" chords.  The rhythm is a 
little tricky; listen to the song to catch it.  This is the opening 
part.  For the chorus, alternate between G and A chords (I think 3 times) 
and then end on a D chord, alternating between D and Dsus4 (?) by tapping 
the 1st string at 3rd fret.  Again, listen to the rhythm - it's easier 
than trying to describe it to you.

Here's a sketchy interpretation on the solo - any other interpretations 
are certainly welcome.

And repeat.
Then back to the beginning progression.

Jack Long (Tucson/Flagstaff AZ)