Subject:     Lake of Fire
Sent:        4/29/96 8:10 AM
Received:    4/29/96 7:19 AM

     Meat Puppets guitar lines on the internet - what a wonderful idea. 
     Here's my first contribution, the fairly simple 'Lake of Fire':-
     GGG FF G GGG then bend up the G and B strings of the A bar chord on 
     the third fret (i.e. C major), back down to G
     GGG FF A#, CCC FF G
     So its like..
     Where do bad folks go when they die, they don't go-to-heaven where the 
     G     G      G     F  F         G    G   G      G            (c-bend)
     angels cry, they go to the Lake of Fire in the sky, don't see 'em 
            G    G    G         G       F    F      A#         C   C  C
     again til the 4th of July  
               F   F      G
     Then an instrumental bit with;-
     GGG FA# G, D chord shimmered at 10/5/7 frets (I think - I'm writing 
     this at work without my guitar so I'm having to guess the fret 
     numbers). Really shake the bottom two strings for the true Kirkwood 
     Then the 'verse' bit is something like;-
     I knew a lady who came from Duluth, she got bit by a dog with the 
     D minor           A# jazz chord     D minor   
     rabid tooth, she went to her grave, a little too soon, and 
     A minor      D minor                A# jazz           
     blah blah blah blah on the other moon (forgotten the words there)
     C jazz                     D Minor
     Then back to GGG FF G, etc etc.
     When I say jazz chord, I'm sure theres a proper name for it, but its 
     basically the A bar chord with the finger on the B string removed - a 
     very popular Meat Puppets chord.
     I hope this makes sense to someone, any comments/mail welcome at the 
     following address;-
     To come;- Swimming Ground, Confusion Fog, Lost and more, once I get a 
     chance to write them down.
     Peter Nixon
     London, England.