Subject:     Guitar Tabs
Sent:        8/28/96 11:40 PM
Received:    8/28/96 11:55 PM
From:        Yale J. Kaul,

Meat Puppets: Magic Toy Missing
as transcribed by Yale J. Kaul

This is the second song on Meat Puppets II, the one that sounds like music
from a chase scene in "Dukes of Hazzard."  Essentially, the song consists of
rapid-fire fingerpicking of open chords.  

Part I: just fingerpick a D chord while alternating the open A and open D as
bass notes.

Part II: the chords occur in three different movements, if you will, all
played fingerstyle:
	a.  G----F----C----G
	b.  F----C----G
	c.  D----F----G----F----D

and that last D is also the beginning of Part I again.  This is a difficult
song, but it can be rewarding and worth the effort, especially if you can
get a bass player to lay down that hoedown part!  It makes you feel like a
bluegrass stud!  Oh, the solo?  Forget it.