Subject:     Vampires - guitar tab!
Sent:        3/20/97 12:38 PM
Received:    3/20/97 8:54 AM
From:        Tom Sugden,

 | "Vampires"  - No Joke - written by Curt Kirkwood  |

 Tabbed by Tom Sugden   

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 Just a quick tab, but its quite accurate I think...

 Intro bit: 


 Verse: Its on D and G, I play something like this:
     D             G

 repeat it a few times then do the intro bit again
 to lead into the chorus.


 I'll just tab the actual chords which I use,
 just listen for the rythm and chord changes
     G  F  G  F  G  D  F  C  G  D  F  C  G  F

 then do the intro thing again and go into the
 next verse.


 there are two guitars, one doing the nice bit with
 all the slides and things, the other doing some
 appregios (or whatever you call them!). I'll just
 tab what I play on 1.



 The rest is just repeats, ending with the intro bit played twice.

 - Tom 19/3/97